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Thursday, May 12, 2005

You Gotta Love A Man Who Can Cry

Note to self, next time hubby is looking for some extra loving, give it to him.

He cried tonight.

When a man cries, doesn't it make you just want to love him more? Now, what kind of man can be man enough to show such a display of emotion, and in a public place no less? And, in a public place where there are about 94 first graders and a gym-full of parents, grandparents and siblings all watching the First Grade On The Right Track Program.

What a proud dad. Ajers was up on stage, singing about having a Gratitude Attitude, Respecting Others, Being Kind, offering Safety Tips, and my husband was so filled for love for his first-born that he was overcome with emotion and oops, how did that happen??? A few tears slid past those tear ducts and made themselves known to a community of first-graders and their families.

Okay, actually, I'm probably the only one who saw the tear slip out, but, again, I'm probably the only person who would have appreciated that one lone tear so much.

Yep, he's getting lucky next time he wants it, for sure! And damn, where is that new device I need someone to invent that I wrote about in the previous post. Well, hubby might just have to wait a couple days.


At 1:32 PM, Blogger Christa said...

Awww.... I know.... I can count on one hand the times James has been misty-eyed. He bawled at our wedding when he danced with my mom. I think she was threatening him with bodily harm if he didn't take care of me. Again when Ty was born. Once when we were traveling to Albuquerque and his sister made us listen to Sherrie Austin's "Streets of Heaven" song; the one where she's having to let her daughter die from cancer and she asks God to hold her hand as she crosses the streets in heaven). Oh, and when we went to the Dallas Cowboys game where Emmitt Smith broke the rushing record or something like that and they had this big to-do, and Emmitt's wife and kids came out on the field. Yes, the tears of men are few but meaningful... and definitely help them get laid when used appropriately.


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