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Monday, May 02, 2005

Cyber Dieting

Charity and some of the other gals are starting a new Blog, and it's a good thing because I'm feeling like such a BLOB!
It's over at:

I'm too lazy to figure out the HTML so you'll just have to cut and paste to go to that site, that is, if you're up for a challenge!

I'll post, MAYBE, my current weight each week (scary, scary, very scary), and tell you what I eat each day, which will be loads of fun. Good thing I didn't start this diet journal yesterday because then I would have had to tell you I ate the French Toast Orgy at a great little place in Buck Town with some very great friends I used to work with! The French Toast Orgy was new to this virgin, and let me tell you...
It was French Toast stuffed with marscapone cheese, with fresh fruit, and yogurt and granola. Like a bomb exploded on your plate. Plus, I got some apple smoked bacon too... I ate the whole damn thing.

Hence, the need to diet blog!


At 5:36 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

Uh... I've never heard you characterized as a virgin, Steph... relating to either French toast or French kisses...


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