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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Let's Try Nine a.m. On For Size

Feeling much better now that I've thrown out the new leaf of yesterdays. Ajers woke me up this a.m. at 7:15; I said he could go use the microwave to make himself breakfast. He did. He came back up at 7:30 asking if he could 'get ready' for school, which means get his shoes, jacket, backpack and hit the road. I told him yes, but go out the front door and then I went back to sleep.

Good mom; Bad mom? You decide.

Drifted in and out of a much-needed slumber until about 9 a.m. when my body decided it needed to pee and maybe I should start my day. So, I did. Made the remaining kids mini pancakes with choc chips on top (microwaved, of course), then colored two fabulous pictures of Rapunzel and Cinderella and the Prince, which I made Cinders and her man a lovely shade of brown, showing once again my acceptance of diversity and allowing my children to know that race is not an issue in our home. Man, they be looking good in da hood, that Cinder bee-otch and her Dawg!

Now, it's noon, still unshowered, dressed in scum-gear and taking my little Tukey out on a lunch date to Panera. So, my children have been fed and dressed, sent to school (those that go today), I answered emails, I started a load of whites, and even added bleach...

Who says you can't be productive with a day starting at nine a.m.?


At 12:17 PM, Blogger devon said...

I agree! If starting your day at the crack of dawn was really all that great, then people wouldn't sleep late on weekends! ;)


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