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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Pancakes for Dinner

Invented a new type of pancake tonight and LOVED it. And note, Manic Mom is not a breakfast person, nor does she favor sweets over salty, but this treat ROCKED!

I made Hungry Jack pancakes (the type where you just add water, not oil and eggs). I poured the batter onto the griddle, then after it cooked a little while, I lightly spread a mixture of cream cheese and chocolate chips onto the top of the cooking pancake. After that, I added more pancake mix to the top so the cream cheese/chocolate chip mixture was tucked nicely inside, kind of like a stuffed pancake.

After that sucker cooked up nice and light brown, and a little crispy, I flipped it and the other side cooked. When it was all done, I put fat free cool whip on top and a ton of strawberries. So good! It made my mouth happy!


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