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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Things You May or May Not Know About Me... And Probably Don't Care!

1. I didn't drink coffee until I was 34 (last year) and now I only drink non-fat-sugar-free-vanilla-lattes from Starbucks.

2. I've only had one venti in my life.

3. I am listening to John Mayer right now.

4. I've been to strip clubs before.

5. Even patted a stripper on the butt.

6. I'm getting addicted to blogging, but consider it an art form.

7. I slept with my daughter last night; she's still sick.

8. This morning, I took all three kids to Dunkin Donuts drive-thru, then through Starbucks drive-thru for Scott and me.

9. The idea of a perfect day: writing undisturbed for at least three hours, then going to Barnes & Noble to buy 4-5 books and a non-fat-sugar-free-vanilla-latte.

10. This list is boring. So boring.

11. Maybe I won't post it.

12. I got pregnant with my daughter because I drank too much Rosemont Shiraz.

13. Now, I stay away from red wine.

14. My favorite place I've ever been is Grand Cayman, Rum Point.

15. It's where I imagine when the yoga instructor says to 'go to that place'.

16. My husband is an amazing guy, and is washing windows right this very minute.

17. I am partial to 3M products since my dad worked for them, and the company basically paid for everything I had as a child.

18. I think it's so cool that my mom was a flight attendant, and Miss Tampa.

19. I am an Irish twin--my sister and I are the same age each year for two weeks.

20. All my siblings and I have names that start with the letter S.

21. I gained sixty pounds with my last pregnancy.

22. I lost that sixty pounds plus some through Weight Watchers a few years ago.

23. I graph my weight on a data chart EVERY Friday.

24. I was born in Tampa and lived there until I was 16.

25. Then we moved to Chicago.

26. I had hardly ever seen snow.

27. The first time my car windows froze over, I didn't know what to do so I got a hot bucket of water and dumped it on the windshield. It refroze the ice.

28. I suck at math, geography, politics, history.

29. I am well-versed in ... ?

30. I love to put words into sentences.

31. I made out with three different boys on one night when I was in high school.

32. I can't tell you what I thought about writing next, regarding number 31.

33. My favorite authors: Jen Weiner (who I've stalked and met a couple of times, and who signed her books for me), Wally Lamb, Anne Lamott, Alice Sebold.

34. The first book I ever read as a kid and fell in love with was "Blubber" by Judy Blume.

35. "Blubber" had the word DAMN in it, and I confessed to my mother that the book I was reading had a bad word in it.

36. I think the moms at Catholic school thought I was a 'fast' girl because I read Judy Blume.

37. I snuck reading Wifey at my aunt's house when I was babysitting her kids.

38. I had something else good to say but forgot.

39. I didn't get my period until I was 14.

40. Looking back, I'm glad I got it so late.

41. I've had a colonoscopy, MRIs, cat scans for things that have ailed me.

42. I am a firm believer in being proactive when something doesn't feel right with my body.

43. My all-time favorite is Peter Gabriel, and In Your Eyes.

44. I saw Peter in concert in high school but can't remember much except it actually rained when he sang Red Rain (outdoor venue), and that I met a guy named John Long, who later visited me in college.

45. I am not a fan of sororities.

46. I am still really good friends with my high school pals.

47. I keep in touch with everyone I meet and find interesting.

48. I miss my friends in PA, my routine there, the fact that the kids had MORNING kindergarten and pre-school, chick fila Tuesday mornings with coffee, the quaintness of Bucks County, the Sysaks, the mild weather, and Scott's easy commute.

49. Number 48 should have been numbers 48 through 56.

50. I could go on forever but you'd be bored, and the laundry wouldn't get done today and I'd feel guilty that Scott is Windexing windows and Diva is complaining of not feeling well.


At 12:28 PM, Blogger Christa said...

Great list! I love Judy Blume. Have you read Summer Sisters? A more grown-up Judy Blume book. I loved it. Read it in like two evenings, and it made me think of my best friend from the 6th grade that I see once every five or six years now. Ah, the good stuff. OH! There's my next list.


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