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Monday, January 31, 2005

Spinach Pizza and Strange Dreams

Interpret these please, and how many strange dreams can be woven together in one night of REM?

My friend, Roseann, who has beautiful, dark brown hair shows up with light, neon pink hair and tells me that every nine weeks she's going to pick out a new color and change it.

Two people that I know, one that I can identify in my dream, the other I cannot, both are diagnosed with cancer at the same time. The one I can identify has been a smoker her whole life (in the dream, NOT in real life) and has lung cancer. The other, unidentifiable person, I don't know what she has, but the two have never met, and suddenly they are thrown together by their illnesses, and are clutching to each other for support and survival. They both come to me for strength, and how can I give them strength when I am so weak?

In the next scene, I am in a beach chair, about two feet behind a row of beach chairs. The row in front of me contains about six chairs, and almost every woman in those chairs is battling cancer. I sit from the back row and watch them, and point out: she has cancer, she has cancer, she has cancer... it's an unsettling dream.

Then we move on to the food part of the dream. We are having a feast, and it's kind of like a Thanksgiving Feast, but there's no turkey, just chicken and some broccoli--there was lots of broccoli, and Luke was swiping it from my plate, and while I should have been happy that my son wanted to eat broccoli, I was mad that he was stealing the broccoli from me! I then go into the kitchen and find some leftover diet chicken and heat it up, and when it's heated, my aunt Joanie takes it to the table on a platter (and it's like an eighth of a piece, by the way) along with some other NON-diet chicken, and the next thing you know, someone has stolen MY diet chicken! I am not happy.

I remember in the dream that the kitchen was a disaster, that I was angry at my younger brother for some reason and that I threw my cell phone onto the counter. (Was I angry at my brother for borrowing my cell phone?)

Next part of the dream is I have lost my last baby tooth, my twentieth tooth, and it's a bright, shiny, pure white and smooth tooth, from the bottom. I have lost this baby tooth at my current age. I just remember the whiteness of the tooth, the smoothness of it, and the bright shock of red at the bottom from the root of the tooth. Ajer lost a tooth like this last week, in real life, and I wonder what this signifies. I know what they say about teeth dreams, that it is significant of something dreary, of ... I don't even want to write it, but we all know.

I should just hit backspace on this stupid entry and go back to bed, because the bus doesn't come for another hour. Maybe I can go back to bed and have a nice dream to wake up to. I can analyze many of these and come up with some parallels in my own life--worried about many things current in my life--people I love with cancer--worried about my diet--worried about my teeth(?), nah, my teeth are pretty good--thinking about my friend, Ro, and craving broccoli?

Remind me not to eat spinach pizza before bed. This is just too dreary, and it's a Monday. Blah.


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