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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Can I Get A Double O?

Okay, did I trick you? Did you think I was talking two orgasms? Nope, I'm talking...

Operation Organization!

The past couple of days have been a domino effect of chaos, late appointments and Zanax-popping desires (that I resisted, mind you). I've been staying up working and surfing way too late and getting up crabby and unmotivated. But today it's going to be different.

As you'll see by the time of this post, it is barely 7:00 a.m. (well, by the time I'm done writing, it will be past) I woke around 5:50 because I sensed an intruder among us. The intruder happened to be Ajer, who was in the bathroom, wide awake, getting dressed for school! First grade has its merits--let's see if he's up at the crack of dawn daily by fourth grade!

I knocked on the bathroom door, being ever respectful of his impending need for privacy at his impressionable age.

"AJ, it's too early, you need more sleep," I said.
"Mah-ahhhhm." Significant pause. "When my body's done sleeping, it's done sleeping."

(If that's the case, I would not be out of bed six of the seven days a week when I do get out of bed.)

So, he starts his day, I go back to bed, and Scott is awake and holds my hand. It's nice and quiet. Until, we hear a snowplow pummel through the street.

"Is it snowing?"

This is when I make my decision. It's nice and warm in my beddy-bye, I'm curled up and cozy, my tootsies are happily tucked into my socks. I decide to make today my Operation Organization Day.

Jump out of bed, and instead of doing the dreadmill for 20 minutes, I go shovel. And it's a beautiful morning, but I can't really say it's morning because there's still a half-moon in the sky and stars, and the street lights are casting their glow onto the freshly fallen snow, which, when I looked closely, I could see chunks of glitter that shimmered like diamonds (wooo, how do you like that image?) The snow, I imagine, is perfect for those who love to ski. It's fluffier than cotton candy, and clean and white and all glimmery. Later today, it will be mud and muck and slush and slosh, so I'm glad I got to have this nice little moment in the quiet and the snow. Shit, I'm getting all philosophical and literary here, trying to write images no one could care about probably.


Back inside, my muscles are warming up, and I feel limber because Namafrickingstay happened last night, even though the location, day and time of yoga has all been switched around and if that's not enough, I was the last one to show up, and there were no good spots, so I was in the back and every time the heater churned on I couldn't hear the instructor and you're supposed to be with yourself, with your eyes closed listening to what your body is telling you and I couldn't because I COULDN'T HEAR WHAT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING! But, nonetheless, I focused on myself for that glorious 47 minutes (usually 60, but I was late because I thought it started at 8:15 not 8:00!), I didn't think about the kids, the house, the husband, the laundry, the things-to-do list, nothing but me, myself and I.

And I enjoyed my company.

Well, I'm rambling, and Operation Organization waits for NO ONE! So, it's off to the shower before apple of my eye descends upon us (YOU figure out who that is!). Then, oil change, license plates ordered, kids lunch, kids to school, and then, just maybe, a grandenonfatsugarfreevanillalatte and a couple hours to myself.

Namaste, namaste (whatever the hell that means).


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