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Friday, February 04, 2005

Things I Did In High School

Okay, a Blogger 'friend' ( of mine started a list about himself and it inspired me to create my own list.
So, without further adieu (spelling?) here is my list of Things I Did in High School (in no particular order)...

--Fell 'up' the stairs the first week of starting a new school as a junior
--Lied to a girl that I was on 'empty' but she convinced me to give her a ride home and clearly saw the tank was full ("wow, dad must have filled the car up for me without me knowing it!")
--Stayed away from the 'wrong' crowd
--Kissed a guy dressed as G.I.Joe on Halloween
--Wore a man's shirt and man's watch on occasion because I thought it was cool.
--Was embarassed to change clothes in front of the "booby blessed" girls.
--Wore Forenza V-neck sweaters in neon colors, and wore them backwards!
--Bought a complete neon outfit and had the guts to wear it (shirt, head scarf, socks, bangle bracelets, earrings) and had some cute senior say I was hurting his eyes because I looked like a lightbulb.
--Didn't shave my thighs until Junior year in high school because my mother wouldn't let me
--Shaved my thighs Junior year in high school when a hairy senior sitting next to me at a basketball game noted out loud that my thighs were more hairy than his were.
--Ate only burgers, fries and pizza for the most part
--Drank two liter wine coolers and hated beer
--Made out with a couple guys but remained a virgin all through those informidable years
--Rarely lied to my parents about where I was going and who I was going with
--Begged my friends for gas money on the nights I had to drive
--Watched two friends wipe their mouths with un-used tampons because they had just thrown up and there was nothing else to use to clean up (okay girls, you know who you are!)
--Didn't attend my senior prom (note: still bitter that MY sister was asked by a senior and WENT to MY senior prom when I should have gone!)
--Went to Florida the weekend my senior prom was held and had a much better time than if I had gone to the prom
--Missed Powder Puff football because I had to babysit my youngest brother
--Threw a bunch of wild parties that my parents let us have
--Went on a cruise Senior year with my parents and tried some things there for the very first time which will not be mentioned here
--Took a creative writing class twice -- the first time for a grade, the second time just because I loved to write
--There's more but I'll stop for now.
Go Trojans! DGN, class of 1987! You Rock!


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