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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Desperate Housewives Have Created A Monster

So, remember last week when I told you about my friend and her husband having a nooner? Well, she came over today (let's call her Francis, since I know no women named that, except for McDermond --and she's not even an aquaintence, although I really enjoyed her in Fargo)...

So... Francis comes over with a latte for me (which, since I'm counting points, I write down 3 on my Weight Watchers list), and we spend some time chatting, feeding the kids, and just hanging out. I tell her I enjoy when she comes over.

Ajer said, "Why? All you do is talk."

Exactly. It's being with an adult who is able to verbalize sentences on topics that are of interest to me, not a kid screaming for more milk in his sippy cup.

I digress, but this is typical.

We discuss the after-effects of the 'nooner' and that things are going quite nicely, but Frank has admitted for him to be in a really jolly mood, he should get it at least every other day.

Isn't that why God gave Man two hands!?!?!

We women, in our hectic, desperate-y housewifey lives, agree once a month is plenty (and if this is the case, I've got some points banked to be used at a later time in the year).

We have our coffees, I take Diva to the bus, and Francis leaves to go 'create' a paint color. She wants one the color of the sunrise, orange and yellow, with a faint touch of red.

Later, I call her because she's left her Pottery Barn catalog and Gourmet magazines here, and I know they are of utmost importance to us Desperate Housewives.

After we agree she'll get them later, she says, "Frank called."

"Oh, what did he say?"

"That he's home waiting for me."


And then she continues... "This is going to cut into my second Starbucks trip of the day."

The saga continues.


At 10:14 AM, Blogger Christa said...



Coffee? Sex? Coffee? Sex? ......

Hmmmmmm..... She might need the coffee to have the sex.


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