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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Tagged; I'm It!

Wonderful, fun, hip, and cool Erin tagged me, so here goes:

1) Shampoo and Conditioner - Infusium 23

2) Soap - Dove with those little exfoliants in 'em.

3) Colors - Hot pink, maroon, yellow, green

4) Soda - Diet Coke/Pepsi with Lemon. But Vernon's Ginger Ale is really good too, but not the diet kind.

5) Foods - Pizza, pasta, french fries (wonder where Diva gets her shitty eating habits?)

6) Movie - Sixteen Candles and In Her Shoes, (even though I didn't go see it when it opened last night, have yet to see it, but am sure I will love it!) Oh, and Say Anything with Lloyd Dobbler (John Cusack) mostly because of the scene where he is blaring In Your Eyes, which is my favorite song, which will probably be the next question, right?

7) Band - Poi Dog Pondering. Great Live. Dave Matthews Band. Great Live. Peter Gabriel. Great Live.

8) Disney Character - Pluto does not get enough attention. He's not my favorite though.

9) Actor - Aidan Quinn, John Travolta, Charlie Sheen (but like when he was in Lucas), Nicolas Cage, Will Ferrel is pretty funny--taco, burrito, what's that in your speedo?

10) Actress - I am not sure.

11) Video Games - When I was little, when they had arcades, I rocked, rocked, rocked on CENTIPEDE, Q-BERT, and of course, the beloved Ms. Pac-Man.

12) Computer Games - Does Blogging count as one?

13) Store - Barnes & Noble.

14) Alcohol - None since The Green Tie Ball. Next weekend though, when my Philly Gal-Pals arrive, it's all about the 'Tinis! And I've been promised that they will not let me get Puke-Stephie-Drunk, just Happy-Stephie-Drunk.

15) Number - 14

16) Car - I don't know but we've already told Ajers that when he turns 16 he gets the Minivan, and I'll get whatever I freaking want!

17) Book - Jen Weiner, Alice Sebold, Wally Lamb, Emily Giffin, Judy Blume.

18) T.V. Show - None.

19) Website - Snarkspot, Jennifer Weiners. Oh, and

20) Condiment - Mayo.

21) Fruit - Pineapple.

22) Vegetable - Does Corn Count.

23) Restaurant - Any place that has no children. Any place that I'm there with friends and hubby. Any place I have a gift certificate to. Any place anyone else is treating. Any place with great wine service. Any place with... God, I want to go out to dinner now!!!

24) Blogger - See above post.

25) Place - Grand Cayman, specifically Rum Point. Barnes & Noble.

Who to tag, who to tag--I'm going to get some new blood in here now, so share the love folks!

Indy Boy
Cute Unknown Man With Flower


At 3:48 PM, Blogger Ex-Girlfriends Revenge said...

hi manic mama- this is great! and thanks for droppong by my blog, too. i totally get a kick out of yours... i love it! and muchas gracias for tagging my blog on yours- sweet! :) I have a feeling I will be quite similar to you after scot and i pop out a couple pups, so its hilarious to read your posts! Now, how do I do the question thing you did? Do I need to include other blogs I like, too?

At 3:57 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Damn! (sigh) ok then.

At 8:41 PM, Blogger Erin said...

Yippy! I'm so glad you did it! So you're an Infusium girl, huh? So that's how you have those lush locks? LOL!

At 9:17 PM, Blogger J Holden said...

call me stupid....but what is this "tagging"??

At 6:19 AM, Anonymous tobias said...

Only just noticed that I had been tagged. Anyway here goes. Hope it provides some (but not too much) insight

1) Shampoo and Conditioner - Stuff that cleans and doesn't smell of "girls" I save that for the fairer sex. Clean hair on a girl, mmmm.

2) Soap - Clinque or K Series (the menthol) refreshing

3) Colors - Green is the fave or purple

4) Soda - Not into soda really, bad for the teeth. Lilt, at a push

5) Foods - Thai green curry, indian food (very hot) something homemade. I love nearly all foods except crab and egg plant.

6) Movie - Million Dollar Baby (harrowing) City of God, Old Boy, Goodfellas, Carlito's Way (gangster film that is also romantic), The Goonies.

7) Band - The Magic Numbers, seeeing them tomorrow night. Or Kasabian.

8) Disney Character - The Robin Hood character, the whistling, the humour, I love that cartoon.

9) Actor - Brad Pitt, can turn his hand to anything and I would like to be (more) like him. Sir Ian McKellan, Stephen Fry.

10) Actress - Hmmm, some are too prissy (Keira Knightley) and some a little too plain (Sandra Bullock). Probably the woman who played Gail in Carlito's Way (very graceful, fluid movement, extremely sexy) or, um, this is difficult, erm, Famke Jansen.

11) Video Games - Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, epic. Samurai Shodown, very authentic sword fighting arcade game. Brilliant music.

12) Computer Games - As above

13) Store - Don't do retail anymore, too expensive, ebay undercuts or has everything. I bought my camera, lens, albums, jeans, memory cards you name it. Maybe a specialist cheese store or good butcher.

14) Alcohol - Guinness, Montana Sauvignon Blanc (crisp and dry) Rioja, a good old one.

15) Number - 8

16) Car - I love the speed ones but having owned one or two now, it would be one good on fuel economy. You think fuel prices are bad with you, we are paying just under £1 a litre which is $1.70.

17) Book - American Psycho - Bret Easton Ellis, dry but very well observed. The film doesn't do it justice. Microserfs - Douglas Coupland, a moving story. A Million Little Pieces - James Frey. The Hobbit - J R R Tolkien, an adventure in every chapter.

18) T.V. Show - Neighbours, I love it's banality and how everything always turns out ok.

19) Website - - very funny.

20) Condiment - Cinnamon (on my coffee) or coriander (on my coffee, lol).

21) Fruit - Gala apples.

22) Vegetable - Brocolli.

23) Restaurant - We have a number of well designed excellent service restaurants here in Oxford. One of the reasons for moving here. There is Kazbar, Moroccan themed but not in a chain/cheesy way. Cafe CoCo's. Joe's (great for Eggs Benedict). Cherwell Boathouse, right on the river, great in summer. The Blue Boar, a very old public house with a big open fire. Great in winter. The White Hart, independantly owned public house.

24) Blogger - Still looking.

25) Place - The Turf Tavern in the centre of Oxford. It is tucked away but everyone knows of it. First place I was taken to in Oxford by an ex-girlfriend and I thought, this is amazing I'll live here one day or the Brecon Beacons in Wales, breathtaking views. Or Wytham Woods. Loads of places really.

Phew. Perhaps another question would be, life goal? Mine is to just find happiness.

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Kelly said...

i love getting tagged! i'm working on it right now... give me a day or so cuz i still have company!

At 10:38 PM, Blogger J Holden said...

mine's done!!

i don't know who to tag now!

At 10:40 PM, Blogger Little Miss said...

14 is my favorite number too~

I KNEW I liked your I know why. LOL.

; )


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