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Friday, July 15, 2005

True Story Happened Today

So, I'm at the dentist office today, and it's taking a little longer than expected, and the hygenist is all apologetic, and I tell her, "Hey, no worries--take all the time you need. Want to know what I escaped from?"

My mother
My Father
Their Jack Russell Terrier Dog
My Diva
My Tukey
My Ajers
My Sister
My Niece Who Is crying from splinters
My Nephew

They're ALL in my house, and I'm cheerfully spending time with dental tools shoved in my mouth.

So, that's not the true story part. Well, that is true, but not the story I wanted to tell. This is:

I'm at the dentist and I've met him once, when I took the kids in last month. I'm lying in the chair, completely reclined, with a nice chenille blankie over me because Tammy, the very nice assistant had asked if I was cold and if I wanted a blanket. Who the heck am I to turn down an opportunity to get pampered and all cozied up? And let me tell you, Tammy tucked me in, putting the blankie on me and tucking under the ends so I was really nice and warm. Cozy time at the dentist.

But anyway, that's not the part I wanted to tell you about.

Cozy and reclined, the hygenist is working on me, and the dentist stops in to do his exam (I swear dentists are like OBs and the hygenists are the labor nurses--they do all the hard work and then the doctor/dentist comes in, does the final check and gets all the accolades--nice big word, huh? Did I mention I was a journalism major?)...

Still not the main part of the story though...

Dentist comes in. I remind him I met him when I had the kids in last month. We're chatting, we know some of the same people (my neighbors recommended him, and rightfully so--very nice man).

So, I'm reclined (did I tell you that already?) he checks the teeth (gives me a nice compliment saying I have very nice teeth and did I ever have any orthodontist work, which I haven't)...

Did I lose you all yet???

Then he says, "Well, please forgive me in advance because if I ever run into you and can't remember your name, don't take it personally..."

I realize he's got a ton of patients and he's just formally met me while lying horizontal with a blanket covering 95 percent of me.

So, he's apologizing in advance because I've left such an impression on him there's no way he's going to remember me. Until I offer him this gem:

"Oh, don't worry about not being able to remember me. My gynecologist said the same thing to me!"


At 11:13 AM, Blogger Christa said...

It's nice to live obliviously.

At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG you crack me up everytime!!! And you are right...he will never forget you now...horizontal or not! LOL


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