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Monday, March 07, 2005

If You're Happy & You Know It, Say You're Gay

Some questions from young children leave your brow sweating, and usually I'm coming away from a discussion wondering if I've laid the foundation for a well-rounded accepting child of all races, sexual preferences, etc.

So, Ajer and I have had the GAY discussion, and the first time it came up we talked about boys loving boys, and then he surmised that he must be gay because he loves Dad and he's a boy. Then I explained the whole thing about them wanting to be married to boys and not girls. So, that was fine for a while.

Today, he informs me that there are two types of GAY, as I already know (and I'm not talking lesbian vs. boy gays). Here's what we talked about:

AJ: Mom, there are two types of GAY.

Mom: What are they?

AJ: Gay you love a boy and Gay, you're happy.

Mom: That's right.

AJ: So I'm gay.

Mom: Yes, you can be happy gay.

AJ starts singing and gets off his chair and does this off-Broadway production on Gayness:
"I'm Gaaa-aaaay, so very gaaaa-aaaaay, and I'm happpppyyyyyyy to be GAAAAAAAAY!"

Mom: Yes, AJ, but just don't go singing that on the school bus or in front of older boys (or men hanging out in front of hair salons or trying on clothes at Structure).

This teaching of the Gay thing is going to be harder than I thought. Oh, and he's also learned about his nuts and nads and balls, thanks to some new neighbor kids. I'm so screwed.


At 8:20 PM, Blogger Caryn said...

Hilarious post! I could just picture him twirling around the house singing his anthem, and you with a horrified look on your face. That's one to remember and tell his future spouse whenever that happens.


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