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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Kid Sandwiches and Recurring Dreams

So, I must have been in the mood to get squashed between children yesterday, because I woke up between the boys, and then found myself slathered between Diva and Ajer last night where the three of us fell asleep in Diva's bed at 8:30. I could have slept there all night. It was cozy and warm, and, except the occasional elbow shot to the chin, very comfy.

Tookie must have been having a BAD day yesterday because after he screamed those obscenities at me (see previous post), which, in our house, they are considered BAD, BAD words (next to stupid, dumb, idiot, H-E-doubletoothpicks, shitdamnandfuck), I sent him and his brother to their room. At four o'clock. Tookie fell instantly asleep and slept the.whole.night.through. Something was definitely up with that. Satan must have been expelled from his tiny body because when he woke at five a.m., he came into my room and said, "I have to frowe up." Dry heaves. The last of Satan. He's being a darling today.

And then Ajer, quickly realizing he doesn't get ice cream for calling me a LIAR in the middle of Borders, did his room sentence and when he emerged, came down, gave me a Kissing Hand sticker and told me I was forgiven. So, there's love all around the house today.

Now, my recurring dreams. There are two. The Math One and The Breast Cancer One.
Math--I've always, always sucked at math. In college, I dropped the basic math class after the first week freshman year, and then junior year, when I realized I had to have a math credit, I took The Fundamentals of Math, 101. Astute students referred to the class as "Fun for Mentals." The book truly starts out with adding and subtracting, but our class skipped ahead to page 43 and began with multiplication and division, which was hard enough! I struggled through and barely made a C.

But, in my dream, I usually skip math class so much the teacher doesn't even know I'm a student. Then I show up for the last two or three classes before the semester is over and try to learn enough to pass. I never do. Or, a variation of the dream is that I'm about to graduate but they don't let me because I don't have a math credit.

I always wake from that math dream so thankful the only math I'll ever have to do ever again involved either a calculator or my fingers.

The Breast Cancer Dream--I don't necessarily dream about breast cancer, but cancer in general, and this time, all the teachers in school were finding lumps in their breasts and they all told us at the same time. I must have been in school (yeah, because my math teacher was a guy so the two dreams interlapped) and at every new class, the teacher made an announcement that she had a lump. Don't like these dreams.


At 1:24 PM, Anonymous friendlydeb said...

Recurring dreams are the bane of my book ever tells me what they mean. And my husband doesn't remember his dreams so every morning we start the day reaffirming his suspicion that his wife is cracked. He does not get it. I had to write b/c your math dream is so similar to my recurring hs/college specific subject matter, like math, but I haven't shown up all semester and am not even sure where my class is. When it's HS related, I can't remember my locker combination to get my books and class schedule so I know where the class is held! And every once in a while, just to mix it up a bit, I'm back in hs Choir/Musical and I'm either waiting in the wings to go on stage and HAVE NO IDEA what my lines are, what the musical is, etc. I don't know what any of this means but thought I'd tell you I'm right there with ya. Apart from kid sandwiches, of course. :)


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