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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Just Some Things, In No Particular Order

1. I had a brutal flashback this a.m. as I was reading a Hulk story to Tookie. One page shows the Hulk as he's morphing from man to beast, and my mind zipped backward to Friday nights' escapades, even though I've tried to push the memory of everything (except that delicious dessert) out of my head.

The vision of the 23-year old emblazoned itself onto my brain at that very moment as I read about how the nice Bruce scientist guy gets angry and turns into ugly green faced monster Hulk with eyes too far apart, thin lips and a sneer that could scare the crap out of a constipated infant.

The vision of The Groper. My God, he was ugly. Figures. Just when I needed a self-esteem boost and my memory had to come into focus and remind me that I was not getting hit on by [insert whatever hot famous guy here, but not Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt because they are just too short and sooo not my type]... hmmm... Bill Bixby maybe? God rest his soul.

Anyway, number two of Just Some Things, In No Particular Order is:

What food items I ate today:

--1/3 of a chocolate chunk cookie from Starbucks (thanks to Diva Daughter for saving me those extra calories from the other 2/3 of the damn cookie I REALLY wanted!)--
--1-1/2 stale Pizza Hut breadsticks with pizza sauce
--2 crusts from a personal pan cheese pizza
--Three bites of mint chip ice cream Tookie didn't finish, topped with rainbow sprinkles or jimmies or whatever the heck you want to call them.
--Two smallish chocolate/peanut butter cookies I snagged at the author reading/signing I attended tonight that probably would have been quite tasty, had I stopped to chew and taste them instead of inhaling.

Yeah, I guess I kind of just forgot to eat today, but you can bet my sweet weight watching ass that I overconsumed the amount of points I'm supposed to have in a day.


At 11:51 PM, Blogger Caryn said...

Good thing you can snag food from others, or it sounds like you'd never eat! :-)


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