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Thursday, February 17, 2005

It's List Time!

Here's my list topic for tonight--
What I Did Today or Why Am I Crabby (these two can be interchangable as the things I did today might have made me crabby, or I am crabby because of some of the things I did today).

In absolutely no sequential order (because obviously, if I had done the first thing on my list the first thing today, it might not have been such a crappy day!):

I mixed up a batch of appletinis and finished them off.
Made three breakfasts.
Went to Starbucks where I got my nonfatsugarfreevanillalatte, two chocolate milks and a cookie.
Did 20 minutes on the Dreadmill.
Watched 20 minutes of Oprah while on the Dreadmill.
Wished for those fashion chicks on Oprah to come make me over.
Took a shower.
Shaved armpits but not legs.
Cleaned the kitchen counter (FOUR TIMES, do ya hear me moms!?!?!?)
Ignored three baskets of clean laundry in the living room.
Helped AJ deal with a nightmare (after all, that did happen today, even if it was 2 a.m.)
Listened to AJ tell me at 2 a.m. that he felt depressed because of his nightmare (what the hell was he dreaming about--getting up with three kids the next day--ha!)
Peed, like only once or twice.
Met Lisa for lunch.
Asked Lisa if we were having a 'working' lunch or a 'liquid' lunch.
Asked the waiter to 'surprise' me with my drink order.
Was happily surprised when he brought me the one I wanted.
Froze my ass off.
Put make-up on... BIG day for me when the mascara comes out.
Felt almost human because of said makeup.
Answered, wrote, replied to emails.
Checked favorite blogs.
Brushed kids teeth.
Wiped kids faces.
Wiped kids butts.
Yelled at kids.
Kissed some kids.
Cuddled with some kids.
Took some kids to the DuPage Children's Museum (Still wish I knew how to hyperlink here!)
Read a teeny tiny bit.
Was informed by my oldest:
You're the new mom, I miss the old mom! (This will have to be a separate post because I could go on and on about how my feelings were hurt over this comment)
Watched Survivor all the while saying the internal mantra "I will not get sucked in this season, I will not get sucked in this season."
Got sucked in this season.
Was glad that chick got voted off.
Want the gay hairstylist to get off the island with that pink polo shirt turned miniskirt and come give me highlights.
Got new Illinois license plates.
Was told by Drivers License place woman that I was a good mama.
Think Drivers License place woman may have been drunk.

OK, There are many, many more things I can write that I did in the previous 20 hours but I'm bored to tears, and this is my life, so I can only imagine what you are feeling right now.

Thanks for listening. I feel much better! Now, how was your day?


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