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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

National Make-A-List Day

Okay, here's something new I'm going to try and we'll see if I will continue doing it. Trial and error here. I'm going to make a list each evening of something. It could be about anything. A list of the canned goods I have in the pantry; A list of things I've yet to do; A list of goals I have; A list of the crap that's on this desk; A list of things that irritate me (number one may just be this idea!).

So, in honor of National Make-A-List Day (yep, I just invented it), I've come up with today's list (well, haven't actually come up with it yet, but if I stall you long enough I will think of something...).

Things I Believe To Be True:

It will always rain the day I get my hair dyed.
I am eternally running late.
There is a Heaven.
Jeffrey Dahmer isn't there.
Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson will never get there.
I always end up throwing out expired sour cream.
I have been eating too much chocolate.
My parents love me.
I love them, my kids, my family.
I annoy my kids.
My husband annoys me.
There is always one sock or one mitten or a hat or a scarf missing.
I will never be a good cook, or even a half-way decent cook.
I will never be the perfect wife.
I'm okay with these small faults.
Music can make anyone happy.
Mondays are usually rainy, cloudy or crappy.
Plan a bunch of fun activities on the weekend and your children will get sick.
Light Tostitos are WAY better than Baked Tostitos.
I yell at my children far too often.
I buy my children far too many crap items.
I am not a shoe whore.
I am not a purse whore.
I am not a clothes whore.
I am not an accessory whore.
I like diamonds.
I am a book whore and a computer addict.
If I had only $10 to spend, I would immediately go to Barnes & Nobles with it, find a book that's not too expensive and hope for enough money left over for a tall latte, since there definitely won't be enough for a grande.
If I can control it, I will never work a 9-5 office job again.
Career women without nannies have it harder than SAHMs.
I have no sympathy for women with careers and nannies. Okay, maybe a little, but not when they bitch about how hard it is to work and raise a family.
I'm not sure if I have sympathy for SAHMs and nannies, unless they've got like eight or twelve kids.
I am not attracted to men shorter than I am.
I am not attracted to some men taller than I am.
I'm sure they feel the same way about me.
Play-Doh and Silly Putty have a magnetic force field to hair, carpet and furniture.
A beach (and an all-you-can-drink-bar-with-wait-service) will always be my favorite vacation spot.
But only if I'm with my husband...
and the nanny's got the kids. (Kidding--I don't have a nanny!)


At 2:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who could be the SAHM with a nanny you are talking about? Hmmmmm? You made me laugh again today and I really needed it. Thanks


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