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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Can I Change My Mind?

Okay, salivating over the thought of a creamy, warm, vanilla-ish latte right this very minute and my previous post hasn't even been posted 15 minutes.

What if I don't exactly sacrifice something as in "giving something up?" What if I sacrifice to do something daily, like to promise I will write at least two pages of my novel each and every night... well, shit, I can't do that, because when the weekends come, there's no way I'll be sitting here typing my little heart out when there's wine to be drunk, food to be eaten, friends to be spending time with...

What if I say Monday through Thursday, and then Sundays (which would be a bonus sacrifice since technically you don't have to do the thing you said you were gonna not do or do on Sundays, so that would be like, extra religious, right?)

Okay. Starting TOMORROW, because I've already screwed up the two things I'm talking about here, by 1) having a latte this a.m. and 2) not writing two pages of the novel today, and yes, I know there are still two hours and two minutes of today left, but I don't think I have it in me right now... so, tomorrow, I either write or drink... that is the question:

To write or drink. We'll all find out tomorrow, won't we?


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