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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Moods, They Are A Shifting

Much better frame of mind tonight. Had lunch with a good friend, sans children, then bought(shhh... don't tell Scott even though the MC charge will be showing up tomorrow)... four books at B&N, in no particular order:
a memoir, by twenty-something, Koren Zailckas, and I swear I could have written it because it's just about a girl who got drunk a lot in high school and college, and was a teeny bit promiscuous, and geeze, who the hell didn't and who the hell wasn't??

I have enough of those stories to fill THREE memoirs, and plenty of "I-was-so-drunk-I-passed-out-in-the-dormfloor-bathroom" or "I-was-so-drunk-I-snagged-my-roommate's-catch-for-the-evening-because-SHE-was passed-out-in-the-dormfloor-bathroom-and-who-was-I-to-leave-a-handsome-guy-there-with-nothing-to-do-while-the-chick-who-brought-him-home-was-passed-out-on-the-bathroom-floor*" stories to share, but this new writer had the foresight to give up drinking, acknowledge she was just a normal girl with normal alcoholic tendencies, and write a book about her experiences. Damn. Why didn't I think of that?

Running With Scissors:
another memoir**, by Augusten Bwhateverhisnameis, and I can't check my book because I am such a lovely friend, I lent my brand-new-AUTOGRAPHED, no less, book to my friend who saved me from the germhell home today and joined me for lunch and shopping. Who am I to not share a book? And, this autographed book was only $5.98 to boot! Lisa--YOU BETTER NOT SELL IT ON eBAY!

If Andy Warhol Had A Girlfriend:
not another memoir, but a novel, by Alison Pace, who joins me on my Yahoo chick lit group, so 'technically' she and I talk all the time! Shout out to Alison! As a Journalism major, an Art History minor (in addition to being a drunk in college), and a lover of all things Campbell Soup (you will only be laughing at that if you even know who Andy Warhol was, and what type of work he did), I thought I should snag this book up as soon as I could!

Hyporcrite In A Pouffy White Dress:
and yes, another memoir. Can you tell I love reading other peoples' sagas? Just makes me feel less depressed! Anyway, this one is the second memoir** by Susan Jan Gilman, and originally I have to admit, I wasn't really interested in buying this memoir, but I read a review that said it was good even though her life was boring (don't quote me on this one!). The one thing that confuses me is I always thought Pouffy was spelled Puffy. It's not Pouff Daddy or Pouff Diddy? OH WAIT A MINUTE... It's Poof-Y, not Puff-Y. I stand corrected.

So, had some adult conversation today, a nice lunch, some book time, some me time, and I even took the kids to the DuPage Children's Museum (SOMEBODY PLEASE EMAIL ME AND TELL ME HOW I CAN DO A LINK TO THESE REFERENCES!).

Also, if you'll see my recent post on the four things a SAHM should do daily, I
1) got the laundry done,
2) the clutter is decluttered (big shout out to Kim there, and why the hell did I negotiate a house-cleaning price TO YOUR ADVANTAGE?)
3) actually made a dinner, which dammit, AJ, why'd you have to go and start griping about the sauce on the chicken???

And here it is only 11:33 p.m. If I go upstairs and wake up Scott before midnight, I can be four for four tonight!

Oh, one downside to today's events: Scott got rear-ended (okay, it's more like 'side-ended'), and now his Lexus has a major scrape across the whole passenger side, but he's on the mystic, and is glad nothing worse happened. As he should be.

And I had a nice day sans Starbucks. Imagine that. And, if I'm lucky, the sun will be out tomorrow!
Bye friends!

*years later, I confessed to my college roomie about my indiscretion
**who the hell has enough stuff to write MORE THAN ONE memoir anyway? Apparently, these two!


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