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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Cherish Vibe

Okay, a friend and I were talking about what is missing from our lives and she says she just wants to feel "cherished." How does someone go about getting the Cherish Vibe? Here's a brainstorm list on what I think being cherished means, whether it's someone I cherish, what someone does to cherish me, or what I do to cherish myself:

I am being cherished when I get into the minivan and realize Scott has filled the tank or gotten it cleaned.

... when he kisses the back of my neck.

...when he tells me I'm a good mommy.

...when he wants sex (even though I don't connotate (right word?) asking for sex as being cherished.

... when he reaches for my hand in the middle of the night while I'm sleeping.

...when I ask for some neck rubs and I get them.

... when he brings me a glass of wine after I've gotten out of the shower (and NO, I don't mean at 9 a.m.!)

... when he wakes up on Saturday morning, sneaks out of the room and lets me sleep an extra two hours without being disturbed by the kids.

... when we go on vacation together.

... when he takes the time to search my eyes before laying one on me.

... when he calls my parents just to shoot the shit.

from the kids --
I am being cherished when one of the kids says, "Mom, guess what?" pause, "I just love you."

...when they wrap their arms around my leg, waist or arms (depending on height of child) to give me a hug.

...when they ask me to cuddle with them.

... when McKaelen lets me brush her hair without whining (a very rare cherishable moment).

... when AJ says I'm the best mommy in the world.

... when AJ says he understands it's hard to be a mom sometimes.

How I cherish others:
I cherish Scott by leaving him messages at work on Monday saying I miss him and that I had a great weekend.

... when I stop at the store to pick up just bananas cuz I know we're out and I know he eats one every day.

... when I rub his buttcheeks while he falls asleep and I'm reading a book in bed (TMI!)

... when I initiate.

... when I don't make excuses.

... when the laundry is done, a meal is prepared, the house is uncluttered and I give it up (see previous entry on the SAHM's Rules).

... when I get / take his dry cleaning without being asked.

How I cherish the kids:
... when I hug / kiss them, even if they're annoying me.

... when I take them anywhere they want to go - movies, ice cream, bike ride, park, dollar store, playground.

... when I cuddle / snuggle with them.

I cherish others by:
... keeping in touch.

... sending letters saying "I miss you" or "I think of you often".

... spending time with friends.

... laughing at their jokes.

I cherish myself by:
... exercising (not enough)

... cleaning my pores (not enough)

... doing yoga and concentrating on Me.

... feeling grateful for what I have.

Okay, so this exercise wasn't as enlightening as I had hoped. What are some of the ways YOU are cherished by those in your life?


At 3:17 AM, Blogger randy said...

Okay, so it sounds Oeidpal (sp?) but the only person in my whole life who'se cherished me is my father. Now, I don't regret that because there's a whole lot of women out there whose lives are screwed up because their fathers didn't pay the right attention to them, but my father DID. My mother died when I was nine, any my father always made me feel like I was #1 in his life (which was really imporant when I was going through those "impressionable teen years")...the downside of that is that I never found the guy that could live up to him...

At 9:19 PM, Blogger Manic Mom said...

Randy, consider yourself very lucky that your dad knew who was important and always made you his priority. Many people who lose a spouse would probably give up on life. Sounds like he kept on for you. What a great man!


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