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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Conversation with Hubby

So, last night I was talking to Scott about my brush with infidelity:

Me: "Honey, I would have DIED if I had kissed that guy."
Him: "No you wouldn't. You may have felt guilty for a couple weeks, but you wouldn't DIE."
Me: "Yes, I would have absolutely DIED. You don't understand, I just felt completely TERRIBLE about the whole thing."

He continues to be the knight in shining armor and says:
"Really, honey, I promise you, you would not have DIED."

Me: "Oh yes I would have. He was Soooo Ugly!"

Up next, I'm going to find the stuff I wrote about when I was stalking my ex-boyfriend online. Coming soon....


At 11:53 PM, Blogger Caryn said...

Nice punchline. Thanks for the laugh!

By the way, am reading The Art of Mending right now. Love, love, love it. Beautiful. Sad. Great imagery. You know--typical Elizabeth Berg. Giving it to my mom next.


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