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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Mom In The Middle

Well, I went to bed with one of my favorite men and woke up like lunchmeat, smashed in between two OTHER favorite men! And no, I wasn't having a fantasy! Ajer and Tookie apparently both had the same idea early in the morning and individually climbed into bed with us. I woke with one cutie on my left, one on my right, and the other one was in the shower getting ready for work. It was such a nice, cuddly wake-up call, much better than the ones where Ajer's screaming: "Mom, Get UP! YOU HAVE TO MAKE ME BREAKFAST!"

Now I know for sure they are not allowed to watch Vipers striking and worms being swallowed on Fear Factor on Monday nights anymore! Come to think of it, maybe they didn't have nightmares about the snakes and worms. They probably were awakened with fear having had dreams about that Omarosa chick from The Apprentice, who 'guest-starred' on FF--she is one scary reality show wanna-be!


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