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Thursday, March 03, 2005


You Know You're Getting Old(er) When:

You start talking about the weather, either on the phone, in letters, or in person.

You have to pull back an item and then bring it closer to your face, squint your eyes and adjust your vision until you can read the small print.

You start scrutinizing your face, wondering how those crows feet got there, and how you never noticed the pores in your face. Anti-aging cream is starting to sound like a necessary household product.

You're TWICE the age you were when you graduated from high school.

You notice your boobs are a bit saggy, and wonder how that happened overnight while you were sleeping!?!?

You start using the word 'peri-menopausal.'

Your kids know more about what music is hip these days.

Your husband laughs and comments that "We're growing old together."

Movies have been re-released celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary. (Go Grease Lightning! E.T. Phone Home.)

Smoky bars aggravate you and you become annoyed with crowds.

You start telling your kids that when you were little, movies only cost $1.50.

There were no such things as DVDs, CDs, cell phones, the internet, blogs, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Cordless phones, digital cameras, TIVO, On-Demand, GameBoy, GameCube, when you were growing up.

You can't drink the way you used to.

You can't remember what this list is about or why you started it.
(What do YOU remember?)


At 11:59 AM, Blogger Tulip said...

oh, yeah : You go, Girl !!!

(uh-oh.. that was a hip saying a few years ago.. I have no idea what I should be saying now? I had better go to the mall and hang out in the music store and eavesdrop on the kids...)

At 1:51 PM, Anonymous friendlydeb said...

You are so funny, you make me laugh. I'm always saying "I'm so old" now trying to remember examples:

I now want to head home from a night out right about the time I used to be heading OUT for a night out;

I'm investing much time and effort trying to get pregnant after spending years trying NOT to get pregnant (oh, the irony!);

After spending just an hour and a half at the Jackie O museum exhibit my back was KILLING me, which I was about to announce to the universe and take a load off on a bench...until my mother announced the very same thing and sat her butt down;

I have to use medicated shampoo to avoid being mistaken as a denorex model;

I balk at taking road trips and sharing one hotel room with 10 of my closest friends;

Beer, brats and Opening Day baseball? I'm off the bandwagon until at least July, not enough beer in the world to get me to freeze my butt off...(go Cubs!)

And not only can I not drink as much as I used to...after just one my face gets warm, bright red and blotchy.

There are plusses to being older...I'm just too depressed to think about those right now! ;)

At 8:31 PM, Blogger Manic Mom said...

Deb, love your list, especially the part about sharing one hotel room with a bunch of friends. One year a bunch of us went to Milwaukee Summer Fest and all stayed in the same room. One girl slept on the luggage rack, another in the tub, we woke up to empty pizza boxes and beer cans (couldn't afford the bottles back then!), and couldn't remember how the hell we found our way back to the hotel! The good old days! Long gone, loonnnnnnng gone!


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