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Monday, August 08, 2005

Life Gift

Everyone’s life is a gift. We become this gift when we are born and we are the gift to everyone in our lives we encounter, whether it be the mail carrier, our spouse, our children, our parents, the next-door neighbor. Each and every day, what you do, what you say becomes part of that gift to another person.

Thoughout our lives, the gift gets open a little at a time, pieces of tape are removed, part of the gift is revealed through our words and actions, through our beliefs and dreams. We share that gift throughout our lives.

I know a man who was a gift to the woman who became his mother. This mother had received an earlier gift in life, a son named Johnny, yet he was taken from her at a far too young of an age, through the disease of polio.

Johnny was a gift to his family, and when he died, his parents received another gift—two of them, two brothers, Jim and Bob, adopted. The gifts continued.

Uncle Bobby was a gift to his family, his friends, his wife and his children, his co-workers, the mail carrier, and his neighbors. A little bit of him, as a gift, was opened and shared with everyone who came into his life.

Now, the gift has been completely opened, we are grateful to have known him, and we can take solace in knowing that he is now the recipient of a gift, the greatest gift we could ever hope to know. The gift of everlasting life.

And it’s hard for us to understand something we have not yet experienced, but I take comfort in knowing that we’re put on this earth for a greater purpose, one in which we will all understand someday, when we receive the ultimate gift of life, as Bobby has.


At 12:08 PM, Blogger Jennie Reb said...

Lovely tribute, Steph.


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