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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hard Habit to Break

"Hi, my name is Manic and I've been Starbucks-free for six days now."

Hi Manic!

I can't wait till the sitter arrives so I can go out and get me one big ole grandecafevanillafrapwithwhip... it's time to splurge.


I could go out and buy myself a new pair of shoes, or pants, or go see three or four movies (sans snacks) with the money I didn't spend on Starbucks this week!

Completely non-related: Alani--read my comment on previous post--we're neighbors!


At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

Stephanie, you must save some money to have a grande non-fat easy-caramel caramel macchiatto with me! We HAVE to meet soon, and complain about our husbands and kids!

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Manic Mom said...

Melanie--I am out the door this minute heading to Target and then Starbucks! How soon can you be here!?!!? I will have time either next week or the week after and can even meet you at Wheaton Square where there is the book store AND the Starbucks right there--I love that area, and assume it's very close to your house!

At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

Next week sounds good - let me ring you up tomorrow, and we can make a date! (Can't run out the door right this minute because I still haven't showered or worked out - it's a tragedy.)

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I am so not a coffee the smell..but the tatse is where i get held

think of the caloires your saving:)

At 4:45 PM, Blogger Manic Mom said...

Melanie--call me for sure so we can set something up. As I mentioned, next week is looking pretty good.

Christina--for 34 years I NEVER had an interest in coffee, and still don't really drink the real stuff. But, a couple years ago I made the grave mistake of trying a peppermint mocha latte at Christmastime and that was the end of it!


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