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Friday, July 15, 2005

Something To Ponder

Let me venture to guess that if I were to tell you right now that you should let your tongue fall from the roof of your mouth you might say, "Wow, how did Manic Mom know that my tongue was kind of like stuck onto the roof of my mouth?"

Was I right?

My yoga instructor, during Shavasina (not sure of the spelling, and if I were a really cool Blogger, I would link you to some yoga site that explains Shavasina, but I'm not, and I can't, so I won't), which is the point of the evening where you relax and do nothing, and my personal favorite part of the class...

Anyway, digressing here.

She says, loosen your body, relax, remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth. And every time, I'm like, "How did she know that?"

There is no point to this post, by the way.


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