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Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Greatest Invention on EARTH!

Just what I need, a new hobby, but yes, folks, I've got one...

iPod!... Oh my gosh, this is THE most amazing item I have ever lived through to experience, even better than the cordless phone, the remote control, MTV, automatic windows in the car, CDs, DVDs, automatic flushers at the mall...

Yes, folks, this is it, and I'm hooked.

I just downloaded 145 songs from any stretch of the imagination, and I'm going to be listening to each and every one of them in the privacy of my own head on my very own earbuds (as they are now called) on the car ride from hell, which will begin tomorrow a.m., and shit! I just realized, it is TOMORROW. I've spent the last five hours downloading music, reminiscing about The Outfield, Ministry, The Cure, Yaz (Who remembers Upstairs at Eric's?), Echo and the Bunnymen, WHAM! (Bad boys, stick together, never, sad boys, dudududududu!--check it out on iTunes, the second greatest invention I have lived through! Just type in a singer or a song and BOOMTHEREGOESTHEDYNAMITE--anyone see that quirky little guy on The Morning Show or David Letterman?--you hear the song you've requested!

OK, I am really on a roll now so I'm going to stop before my head explodes, but I know I will not be able to sleep because I'll be dreaming of all the fun music I will get to listen to in the carride from hell, which is slated to start in, Oh, I don't know, five-and-a-half freaking hours!

Poor sick baby husband guy isn't going to be too pleased with me in the morning, since I still have packing to do. It's a wonder I'm planning on hiding out in the back of the minivan with Ajers. He and I are going to do some serious iPod bonding! I even put a few Enrique (yes, Iglesias, and NO, MY 7-YEAR-OLD SON IS NOT GAY!) tunes in the old iPod for him!

Catchya later, when I'm back from my carride from hell and trip to nowhere! I'm sure I'll have lots to share then!

Keep on reading, keep on blogging! Much love to you all!

P.S. By the way, who's in your iPod? And yes, I just coined that phrase and it is officially copyrighted right here and now even though I can't find the little cirlced C that accompanies a copyrighted item or a little teeny TM that stands for THAT LINE IS TRADEMARKED AND YOU CAN'T GO SELLING IT TO IPOD FOR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, BUT WOULDN'T THAT MAKE A CUTE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN--A LITTLE TEENY TINY IPOD WITH ALL THESE SINGERS POPPING OUT OF IT, LIKE ONE OF THOSE SMALL CIRCUS CARS WHERE JUST A MILLION TRILLION CLOWNS KEEP GETTING OUT? Like I said, somebody stop me before my head explodes--I guess this is the result of eating like six french fries today and then having a Cold Stone Creamery Gotta Like It cake batter ice cream in a waffle bowl with brownies, fudge and caramel in it for dinner!

Geeze, somebody give me a valium please!


At 2:39 PM, Blogger The Dummy said...

Easy there, Manic Mom... ;)

At 2:00 PM, Blogger devon said...

Wooo! Someone has a sugar high! lol!

At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I have what you are taking? C'mon share!

Glad you are in love with your iPod..hope that your hubby doesn't mind the affair!

At 3:12 PM, Blogger hannah said...

I love my iPod! They're amazing and I now cannot live without it. I was exactly like you are when I got mine, so I sympathise completely.


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