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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What A Nice Day

How about this for putting it all into perspective. Tonight, when I was tucking the kids into bed, AJ hands me his glasses, he jumps into the bottom bunk with Tookie, and says, "I just love my family."

Wow, what did I do to deserve this?

Well, guess I was feeling pretty guilty for my lack of mom behavior on Sunday so to make up for it I've been attempting to be Wonder Mom. I had promised them The Pacifier so we all went on Monday night and it was a very cute movie.

Today, after school, we grabbed their bikes and they rode while I hoofed it all the way to Starbucks (for me) and Cold Stone Creamery (for them, okay, and for me too--hell, I WALKED a lot today! And boy, that cake batter ice cream flavor with a fudge brownie slathered in it really hit the spot!)

So, it was just a very nice day and I was feeling pretty accomplished as a mom. Who knows what tomorrow will bring though, this mom stuff is a roller coaster ride every single day, but at least it's one I love to take!

Working diligently (I hate that word, really) on the novel as my agent is coordinating an upcoming conference and I really want to get it completed, and hopefully someday, published!

So that's all--Happy Hump Day tomorrow. Oh yeah, the kids sometimes say, "Mom, it's humpy day!" Nice.

*Big shout out to the Bunko Gals! Thanks for stopping by!*


At 8:57 AM, Anonymous lbck said...

Walking is a good (and enjoyable) habit for both Loki and myself. We'll have to see how she handles walking while I ride my bike this summer. Or maybe I should say, we'll see how I handle riding my bike while walking her this summer. Anyway, keep on walking!


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