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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I got up at up six a.m. today and here is a lit of things I've done so far:

Made scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage and bagels with OJ for Scott and Ajer for breakfast.

Did two loads of laundry (have yet to fold)

Did the 'dread'mill for twenty minutes.

Took a shower.

Shaved my legs the whole way up, officially signalling spring is here, officially meaning that I will now have to shave my legs at least every other day as spring is upon us! And of course, that razor is no longer usable.

Wondered who of my new friends will suddenly think I'm white-trash because with the springtime upon us, my tattooed ankle will soon be revealed to them, further convincing them that they're first impression of me was probably accurate.

Made my bed.

Emptied the diswasher.

Loaded the dishwasher.

Touched up the paint in my office.

Learned how to fold a shirt Japanese style:
(but am incapable of attaching the link here to the video because I am still an idiot when it comes to technology.) --TShirtFolding.mpg (video/mpeg) It was really cool, though, trust me.

Made some phone calls.

Checked emails.

You know, as I was compiling this list in my mind at 7:30 a.m. it had seemed I had done so much more than what I have listed here. Maybe I'm not being all that productive today and should just go back to bed. I could swear there were more things...(there was! I remembered I shaved my legs and that was a HUGE accomplishment so I had to add).


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