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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Novel Update...

I'm working on it.

Ha, that was all I was going to write, and wait a minute, that's all I think I feel like writing because I got through with the first part of this sentence and stopped dead in my typing tracks, but my fingers must have just gotten a dose of caffeine because, now they won't stop, unless I have to go back to make a deletion because I'm typing so fast that I make mistakes, and I've just gone back to change about three or four words because they were typed incorrectly (make that five because I misspelled incorrectly the first time, and also I didn't spell BECAUSE right either because I am a maniac on the keyboard tonight), and yeah, maybe I can add to my title of Manic Mom's Mental Myriads (and what the hell is a myriad anyway--I did look it up and I think it makes sense here but please let me know if you're out there because you can always post a comment under my words of wisdom--ha, that's a laugh, and here, I guess this is either a run-on sentence or a thought in my head that I couldn't just chop off and end. Whew. Thanks for the knife.

Now, back to the novel... I'm working on it. Writing a novel is seriously like doing a math equation (and I HATE math and numbers and calculators and anything involving adding/subtracting and oh goodness, don't get me started on dividing and that other crap. BTW, in college, I had to take one math course, and it was called Fundamentals 101. We called it Fun-for-Mentals. This college book seriously started out with adding and subtraction. But we freshmen were so smart (Oh wait, I didn't take it until I was a JUNIOR!) anyway, we were so smart, we jumped ahead to page 48 and started the semester course with mutliplication, completely skipping over the addition and subtraction parts! Ooh, I feel sorry for those who didn't know the plus/minus factors!

OK, novel is coming along. That's all I can say for now, but if you want to know what it's about, you can read a little more on my website:

Tartar Sauce.


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