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Friday, January 07, 2005

That Damn Bus

I hate the bus. It causes so much angst in Ajer's young life. Three minutes after I send Ajer out with the "I GAVE YOU LIFE" speech, I hear the garage door fly open and I run to the door. He's crying, tears mixed with snow, streaking his face.'

"I think I missed the bus. Nobody's there."

"You didn't miss the bus, you're early." Then I called a neighbor to confirm her daughter had yet to leave for school.

Damn. The boy lives for that bus and all it does is disappoint. Sounds like what it will be when he has his first girlfriend. If I'm this upset over how upset he gets about the bus, I'm never going to let him date! Ugh. I need a nonfatsugarfreevanillagrandelatte. That'll make me feel better.


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