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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Resolution Schmezolution

Well, I'm reflecting on the resolutions I resolved to keep 364 days ago and am thankful I didn't have any of them written down because I would have to look back at that list and think of the year as pretty much a failure.

I didn't lose weight, or even maintain my originally WW-lost-60-pound weight this year, ooh, and if I was really good at this blog thing, I could just magically attach a link to my WW profile when I did lose weight (Maybe I'll figure out how in the next entry, just so I can depress myself some more.)

I didn't finish my novel, yet I'm still working on it and the next one is being mapped out, in my brain and bits of it on paper, scritch-scratched. I did land an agent, who I am very hopeful has the right kind of industry contracts and the belief in me and my writing to get 40 published, hopefully in 2005, but there we go again, jotting down another resolution.

My last resolution for 2004, which only contains a score or more hours in the year, is to eat like a pig so I can get so sick I'll never want to eat again. So far, I'm off to a good start as I'm munching these candy things S got for Christmas from the higher-ups. They're from LuLu Crunch, and again, if I was any good at this blog stuff, I could attach a link right here. In time, in time.

What I did do in 2004--
Lived semi-healthy-ly
Kept my kids healthy and safe
Had another successful and loving year in my 11-1/2 year marriage
Freelanced more than I ever thought I would, landing assignments with national publications like Parenting and Pregnancy
OH! Got a tattoo at the age of 35, while my three children watched, asking me if it hurt! (No more than when I pumped out the 9.4 lb and 9.0 babies!
Stalked famous authors - one in particular in which I got her third novel signed, in which she actually announced to the audience that I was her stalker, and she got up to give me a genuine hug and posed for pictures!
Had a fabulous beach weekend getaway with some of my best girlfriends, and we are now making it an annual event!
Toured NYC with some of our best friends and were very much 'ugly Americans' that weekend!
Hmmm... what else...
Saw one of my best friends blessed with her fourth child, and was thrilled that Michael was not only healthy, but of the male gender as well. The VC Prince hath arrived amidst a household of the most beautiful princesses and reigning king ever (and I'm undoubtedly very bummed I won't be in attendance of their soon-to-become Annual New Year's Eve party--maybe 2005's event?)
Had a surprisingly unexpected but successful relocation back to the midwest, where I lived my most impressionable years previously, ages 16 - 29.
Reconnected with lifetime friends, and took off right where we left off.
Celebrated Christmas with the third, fourth, fifth and sixth most important people in my children's lives in no apparent order--all four of their grandparents
Got a Dell and a digital camera, and my own website: -- getting up there in the world, I'd say.
Lived, loved and felt lucky almost every single day, and that's what I have to remember, that one day, when my life turns shitty, I need to realize that I've spent the past (don't read) thirty-five and a half years living a totally awesome life with family and friends that are true in every sense of the words.
May your year be everything you want it to be; may it be blessed with comfort and friends, and family who loves you back! I was going to spell Siyonara, but not sure how, so I'll close with a simple--Adios!


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