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Thursday, December 23, 2004

'Tis the Season

The house is in order, the gifts are wrapped, (most of them anyway--the ones that are purchased!), mom is in the kitchen making chili, and I'm in "The Haven" posting on the blog that nobody will ever read (Ha, I write that in hopes that one day I'm famous and people will say, 'Hey, remember when you thought nobody knew who you were?' ")

Speaking of nobody knew who you were... it happened... I've been back in town a couple of months and ran into my first DGN alum at the grocery store. This is a person I googled, found her name and email and thought it might be fun to look her up. So I sent an email. No response. And then, this a.m. Hub and I roll out of bed and go to run some errands, me, of course, looking quite like shit, bedheaded, a couple zits, no makeup, but nonetheless, cheery and friendly and open and full of life!

Then I saw her in the aisle. First, I told myself, nah, couldn't be her. Then, I snuck around another aisle, checked her out... hmmm. Quite possible. Knowing I looked like shit, I took the plunge anyway and walked up to her because I knew I would just be mad at myself if I didn't say hi and missed the opportunity to find out some good gossip. I said her name. Yep, it was her.

Me: "Hi! I heard you had a baby?"
Her: "Yes, she'll be one this month."
Me: "Great, and I see you're expecting again!"
Her: "No."
Me: "Oh, nice to see you."

Ha, that's not what really happened, but I was happy to see that I was thinner, albeit with no makeup on, and that I had a big diamond ring (hand-me-down from my mother; not my original, which still graces my right ring finger).

Thou hath digressed.

Onto another subject: The paint in the office is done, and I will NEVER, NEVER, EVER remove wallpaper from another wall as long as I live. It took five days just to remove the shit, and another three days to paint. Color choice ended up being Fireflies Glow courtesy of Disney paints, and it's warm and cozy and inspiring and the room is filled with all the books I love, the pictures and portraits I love, my favorite trinkets and the big 'ole cushy Sears outlet chair I got over 10 years ago for a whopping $200 when we couldn't afford it. Merry Christmas to me. This room is my gift and I love it and I hope to be able to create a gift to give to people who will someday put this blog on their favorites list and look to see what new releases Stephanie Elliot has coming. Merry Christmas. Now it's time to clean up the palace and get ready for the guests to arrive!


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