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Sunday, December 12, 2004

This is a Blothing

I have just invented a new word, and I believe it would be considered a noun, if you'd find it in the dictionary. A Blothing (rhymes with Nothing, not clothing) is a Blog about Nothing, and you, dear reader(s) is/are the first to know of this newly created word that will someday grace the pages of Webster, along with it's counterpart BLOG. So, here's my first Blothing, which would possibly be called a Frblothing... Is this a Seinfeld episode or what? Ok, let's take that topic and run with it, shall we?

Seinfeld episodes that come to mind:
George eating the donut out of the garbage.
The cake thing--Chocolate Babka.
The horse farting beans (Is this the same episode where Jerry tries to steal the Chocolate Babka from the old lady?
Kramer getting sunburned.
Kramer hosting the Asians and putting them in his drawers to sleep.
Hmmm... still thinking...
OH yeah, Five, ten minutes!
It was a scratch, not a pick!
Not that there's anything wrong with it!
George taking a book into the public restroom.
Elaine dancing like an idiot. But she did make it popular to dance like an idiot, thereby freeing a lot of idiotic dancers and permitting them to hit the dancefloor.
George killing Susan with envelope paste.
Come on, there's got to be more... think, dammit, think...

Well, I could move onto Brady Bunch episodes--
Tiger gets lost
The Hawaiian Tiki doll.
The misplaced poster/blueprints at the amusement park.
Jan needing glasses.
Marsha needing a nose job.
Cindy when she got braces and got ugly.
When it's time to change.
Alice getting 'meat' from Sam.
OK, this one is a boring one.

I think I've bored you all (okay the one kind reader of this blog--please comment, please! So I don't think I'm a complete loser!).
This is the end of my blothing. Stay tuned for more.


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