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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Life is Good; The Wine is Cold

It's 4:00p.m. but you'll probably know this by the blog time. Anyway, did some stuff around the house; got Scott to do a lot of Honey-Dos around. Might have to come up with an annonymous name for DH... possibly Jumbo, but many people know him as that. Anyway, that's not what I wanted to write about...

It's our first official full weekend in our new home and since we have cathedral ceilings and an open-air foyer, Jumbo and I were awakened this a.m. by our three darling kids, whom I will try to come up with nicknames for right now--Diva Daughter, Tookie, and Ajer Bajer. There, that's done. I've nicknamed my whole family to keep them annonymous.

So, we get woken up (waked up, have woked, have woken--hate that word) and I go downstairs to make pancakes but bagged the whole thing when I realized I bought mix that requires eggs and oil. Not happening... too much work. Usually I get the Hungry Jack where ya just add water. So, out came the microwave mini pancakes and everyone was happy.

Playing around in my office, my new haven, and loving it. Music is playing, wine is nearby, and Jumbo is outside with Diva Daughter, Tookie and Ajer Bajer along with some of the neighbor kids. Interestingly enough, we've become friends with the previous owners and their son, (insert nickname here--think, think... ) Red-Hair Joseph, is over playing. He comes into our house, which was formerly his home for his whole life. I say, "Make yourself at home, Joseph!" We laugh.

The first time his family was over, he said to me, "Thanks for not taking a crane to my house and wrecking it."

I said, "You mean like your mother and father did to the house that used to be where your mansion is now?!?!"

So, anyway, reflections on the new home, Jumbo, AKA "The man from 'Sleeping With The Enemy'" or "Anal-Boy" (who doesn't actually beat me up like man from Sleeping With The Enemy, but of course, I'm not exactly Julia Roberts!) has put up a bunch of things I wanted him to do today, now he's outside playing ball and trying to meet fun neighbors who will possibly throw some back with him. I'm listening to a mix CD currently playing Michelle Branch and having a glass of Pinot in my new haven. A perfect Saturday afternoon.


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