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Friday, December 03, 2004

The Bulls

So, being freshly relocated to the Chicago area, the men in this family are all about the sports scene. Scott's buddy was able to score some big tix for a box at the Bulls game. I used to follow MJ back when he was 23, then 45, then we moved east and I became disenchanted. Now we're back, and it would be really cool to see a game, experience the Chicago sports thing again, and maybe eat and drink some free grub. I thought it would be a fun family night, seeing as we've all been a little stressed with the relocation.
Scott: Joe got about 25 tickets to a Bulls game skybox.
Me: Cool! Can our whole family go?
Scott: Uh... I'll have to check with Joe. [grabs the cordless, walks into the other room and makes a call - or maybe he didn't make a call? hmmm....]
Scott (returning from the other room): Actually, he's only got 10 tickets.
Yeah, right.... and next time someone in this house wants to score, there just might not be a ticket available for the box...


At 2:42 PM, Blogger mumma23qts said...

"just might not be a ticket available for the box"...good one!


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