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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Breakup Babe

I wanted to spend some time writing about how I was excited to start writing again but then I hit a link that took me to Breakup Babe's blog and spent the last almost 2 hours reading of her woes of Loser Boy and I would sit here and read through every single one of her archived blogs but I eventually need to go to sleep. The lucky gal gets a book deal from Random house for blogging about her broken heart. I say way to go to her for being able to squash all the jerks who squashed her heart, and in print no less! I cannot wait for that book to come out!

So, now there's no time for writing, just dreaming about me finishing my book. The book that has been in my mind and computer for, let's see, Tookey was eight months old when the idea was born. So, let's see... Oh wait, I told you all I wasn't going to be doing mathematical equations on this blog, and even subtracting 8 months from three years and three months is a little too much for me... shit, I hate math. Anyway, one step closer to getting to that first step of working on 40 now that my brand new rocking cool office is being cleared out. By cleared out I mean the shit that was on the floor is now inconspiciously (sp?) behind my $200 Sears Outlet big ole plush chair I had to have B/K (before kids). Guess I'm done because I was trying to think of how to end this, and I'm just in a funk now, for what reason? I'm not sure. Oh, maybe because tomorrow is Monday and it's already going to be a rainy, drizzly shitty day and I've got not one single Christmas gift purchased. I sure as hell hope Santa knows we've moved from Philly to (oops, I was going to write where I live now, but I know there are such things out there now called Blogger-Stalkers ((and I should trademark that!)) but now I just realized you all already know I live in Illinois because I mentioned The Bulls in an earlier post). Is nothing sacred. Oh, and anyway, tomorrow is Monday and it's going to be damp, drizzly and depressing. Just another manic Monday, or as I like to say, Just another Zanax Monday!


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