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Monday, December 13, 2004


Hell hath no fury like a room full of outdated wallpaper. I now know what happens to those condemned to spend eternity in hell. They are stuck in a room with crap wallpaper, with or without a steamer and / or Dif, because it makes no DIFference if you've got the tools or not... and they are told to take the wallpaper down. It's the suckiest job in the world and I ache from head to toe right now from getting only about 60 percent of the striped tan and mauve paper down from my office walls. And, two of the walls are doors and windows so there's not much to take down. Now I have to call Home Depot and see if I can rent the steamer for an extra day. I guess I'll have to look on the bright side--surely I'm losing weight from being stuck in this room with a steamer, sweating my ass off; and my pores have got to be opening up from the steam as well. Still, it's a hell job and if I could make a wish right now, it would be never to have to take wallpaper down ever, ever again.


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