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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Transit Blogging

Get This And Blog Whenever You Feel Like It: Neo Alphasmart
(Excuse the typos--too tired to go back in and correct. See, I told you I weren't perfekt!)

I've resorted to transit blogging and am typing this entry on a swing at the elementary school while Tukey is playing at the playground and Ajers is across the field playing soccer. Diva is on her way home from Gymnastics with a neighbor and Hubby is out of town. It might seem like this is frivolous for me to spending the onlly free time of my day practically typing away sharing what I've done with all of you. But I don't consider you strangers. You are my friends, you listen to me bitch about the trivial things that happen in my life, and you don't judge me (and if you do, then I just removed your comments anyway! ha). So, it's nice to know that every day I can shut down for a few minutes and just talk to you.

So, what a day. I have been inand out of the car countless times, in fact, I'm going to try to figure out just how many times I opened my minivan door, got in, closed it, drove somewhere, got out and repeated those same actions. Let's see:
9:30--in car to take Tuke to Parent's Open House at his Parents Day Out program, where really I felt bummed out because not too many of the moms were very friendly, and I tried to engage their children in play, putting a puppet on my hand and talking to them, doing a puzzle with a little guy, while all the moms just gossipped and caught up on summer. I felt left out. Also, many of them had little ones, littler than Tuke and while I should be thrilled to be the seasoned mom, the one who gets actual time alone a few days a week, I still felt sad. I don't want another baby; I definitely do not feel lacking in that department; it's just sad to see my kids growing up and needing me less, while the whole time they were hanging on my ankles, I was wishing for moments like this, moments where I could pee in peace, have a latte (go ahead, say it with me: a grandenonfatsugarfreevanillalattehalfwhip), and possibly browse the bookstore in the section I want to be in, not the Dr. Seuss section!

So, after feeling gloomy at the first stop at Tuke's Parents Day Out program, we did spend some time in the playground and Tuke was so happy to be able to do the monkey bars which were just the right size and height for him. He was cheeping and chirping like a monkey, squawking and saying, "I'm a monkey". I was a proud momma.

So, in the car once, out of the car once: 2

Next, we climb back in the trusty Windstar and get Tuke's haircut

In and out once more: 4 times

To the Hallmark store and then to the grocery store for a slice of pizza for lunch.

six times in and out of the car.

Off to Tuke's first day of preschool, which he handled fine as he has the same teacher and same classroom as last year. My heart broke for those mommies who had little girls crying and screaming, begging to go back home.

Then, I did smile to myself a little bit, happy that I didn't have a snivelling, crying growth attached to me, and I bolted. To the mall.

Back in the car, and out again. The count is now at 8.

Frenzied returns at the mall--nothing glamorous, but I do have to say if you're a Victoria Secret's bra wearer, you might be interested in the JCPenney's Delicate brand which are soooo comfy and I bought two, got one free, for HALF the price of two Vicky bras. Hence, I returned the Vicky purchase, but not without buying some new undies, nothing sexy I assure you (Bird Girl!). So, for the same amount of two bras at Vicky's I ended up getting three bras at JCP AND ten new pairs of undies. How's that for smart shopping.

Gee, this post didn't start with me detailing my undergarment purchase. Sorry.

Done at the mall, rush home to the bus--in and out once more totalling 10. Greet the moms at the bus, who are the sweetest nicest group of girlfriends! I used to see Bus Moms all bounded together, drinking their morning coffee, walking their four-legged pets and it seemed so surreal. Such a thing I would never fit into. I pull up to the stop and announce to the ladies, "It's so hot I have my bra unhooked," (one of my new ones by the way.). I hate the leather seats in my car and would not have ever gotten them if it wasn't the only available minivan on the lot.

Grab Ajers and Diva (who has to pee) and we rush to the preschool to get Tuke.

12 are we up to now?

My neighbor is picking up her son and says she's going to Starbucks and did we want to go. I had been figuring out how to sneak in a grandenonfatsugarfreevanillalatte at some point in the day and took this 18 minutes of free time to do so.


Back home, I am yelling to Diva to get her gymnastics outfit on; Ajers is upstairs pooping; Luke is 'banging a squirt in the powder room, standing up because he can finally do it without spraying everywhere. Then he announces that he pooped.

"You have to go poop?"

"No, I already did."

As he was standing peeing, it just sort of came out. Ugh. So now I am already ten minutes away from missing gymnastics, I have to pick up the neighbor kids who also go to gymnastics, Diva is screaming that she too has to poop now, and I have to clean up shit.

And believe it or not, I have yet to take a Xanax today. You're proud of me, I just know it!

Back in the car, and out again at gymnastics, to drop Diva and her friends off. 16.

Need gas next, and am so very proud to have found it for under $3.00. Barely. And it was only $70.44 to fill the tank. 18 in and outs.

Library to return overdue videos. What? You actually thought I'd take out BOOKS? That would involve READING to the kids. Videos are much more entertaining. 19 and 20 in and outs of the car.

Home, for 20 minutes to check emails, where I read one from my BZ boss, asking if I would like to take on more duties for the newsletter. I promptly email her back, telling her yes, but that I also think freelance editors are making more per hour than I am. I hope I didn't bite the hand that feeds me.

And I read some very nice comments about my WHY post, and I truly appreciate all your thoughts. I didn't really feel I should post about it because what happened did happen to a close friend of mine who reads this blog, but I wanted her to know how sorry I was. She did lose her baby. At 25 weeks. I could blog for days about babies born still, as another very close friend of mine lost her daughter at 38-1/2 weeks, and I took her to the hospital and was there next to her when the resident OB did the ultrasound, and his Adam's Apple just plummetted, and I knew. It's tragic, and I pray for those angel babies, and know that although it's completely uncomprehensible to know why it happens, there is a higher meaning for all of this. And someday, we will all understand, and think back, "Oh, so that's what it was all about down there on Earth."

That's my feeling anyway.

So, thanks kind friends and readers, for taking the time to read my thoughts, for making me feel better by your comments, for being understanding and non-judgmental. For just listening. For however many people thing blogging is a huge time-waster, I have to disagree. It makes me feel better. It's cheaper than therapy, and I like to think I've made some friends this way.

Number 21-22, pick up neighbor to take to soccer with Ajers.

And I am still not done. I have Parent Orientation for Diva and Ajers tonight, one of which I will miss most of by driving home after soccer, but oh well. One can only do so much.

I feel better. I could write forever, thinking that I have some people out there that listen, that want to know what I'm thinking about, that care. I do think it's better than therapy, and as I sit here with my Tukey on this playset, while he whispers in my ear that he loves me "four", I know for as much griping, complaining, bitching I do, I am in a good place. A safe place. A place filled with love, and yes, a little bit of stress, but nothing like what others experience. I feel lucky. I even feel lucky to be able to feel the slight headache that is starting in my head.

Thanks for listening. Sorry for rambling. And feel free to turn the channel whenever you get bored. M4 (Total times in and out of the car today--stopped counting at TWENTY-SIX!)


At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:18 PM, Blogger Manic Mom said...

And I'm sure you'd be interested in going to hell please. I don't need your electronics accessory you blog-spamming idiot. Don't make me use that protective guess-the-letters thing!

At 12:24 AM, Blogger Christa said...

and you're paying what, $47.89 a gallon for gas?????

At 12:38 AM, Blogger Manic Mom said...

How did you come up with $47.89 for a gallon of gas? Duh. It's $2.99. Wut r u tahking abowt gurl? Oh shit, now I have to even do this stupid word verification on MY OWN FREAKING COMMENTS! And you know, sometimes I get them wrong--like V and W and if there is an M and an N next to each other, what is first? The N or the M? Good God, damn those penile implant spammers. May they overdose and not be able to walk for making me put up the word verification! (Oh Crap! I really did enter the letters incorrectly!!!)

At 4:27 PM, Blogger Caryn said...

God, Stephanie, your comments had me roaring. I was so resentful when I had to add the word verification, too. And the insult of having to do it on your very own blog! I didn't expect that, somehow.

Love, love, love my Alphasmart Neo! I've been known to blog in bed, on a trip, on the couch, while visiting relatives...just, wherever. I have had more people ask me what I'm using, and I get to proudly show it off to them--"See how fast it turns on and off? See how little battery power it uses? See how light it is?" and on and on.

Oh, and great entry, too. ;-) Love how you counted up the times you were in and out of the car. Sounds like a hassle. As for the bras, totally got to stick with what works, right? Found a type I really liked, and ended up ordering several more, in multiple colors. So glad I did.


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