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Monday, August 22, 2005

The Significance Of Song

I've been wanting to blog about the song Your Body Is A Wonderland by John Mayer because the words are just so beautiful, but then one of my friends mentioned it was written about Jennifer Love Hewitt (actress) and that bummed me out because I didn't want to have an image of the woman in the song. The words are just awesome:

We got the afternoon,
You got this room for two.
One thing we got left to do,
discover me, discovering you.
One mile to every inch of
Your skin like porcelain
One pair of Candy Lips
and your bubblegum tongue.

And if you want love,
we'll make it.
Swim in a deep sea of blankets,
take all your big plans and break 'em.
this is bound to be a while.

Your body is a wonderland.

And the best part of the song:

...the shape you take while
crawling toward the pillow case
You tell me where to go, though I might
leave to find it
I'll never let your head hit the bed without
my hand behind it.


And now I can't believe it's about me, but it's about Jennifer Love Hewitt. How lucky is she that some man wrote this beautiful song for her!

Anyway, yesterday we were watching a huge spider make its web on the plants around our deck and we were talking about how we didn't like spiders. Someone mentioned how they hated when they were walking and accidentally went through a web. So, what did I do today that was amusing?

I was on my a.m. walk and listening to my iPod iShuffle when the song Spider Web from No Doubt came on. At the end of the song, I actually walked through a damn web.

This got me thinking about other times a song has hit right on and I remembered seeing Peter Gabriel senior year in high school at Poplar Creek outdoor amphitheatere. Well, when he started playing Red Rain, the skies opened up and it actually started raining. It wasn't red though, but it was absolutely so cool to be surrounded by all these people there for the same reason and to have it rain during that song.

Other songs that evoke feelings for me:

In Your Eyes, which is unofficially "our" song. Any time it comes on the radio, we'll call each other and play it for one another, not saying anything, just having the other person listen to it. The other day, I called Hub on his cell and he answered the phone and In Your Eyes was playing in the background. I'm guessing he was just about to call me. Yeah right!

I'm going to cut this post short and write more later. It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in the midwest and we are zoo-bound today. Wonder what songs will be playing on the radio. Didn't U2 have an album called Zooropa? Hee. Hee.


At 9:46 AM, Blogger eatmisery said...

Have fun at the zoo!

At 2:27 PM, Blogger naughtymom said...

wow I have heard that song a million times and have never actually read the words...

At 4:35 PM, Blogger Joel said...

Same here... I thought it was just a "I like to screw you" song. Like an acoustic version f something Bobby Brown would do :P


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