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Saturday, March 19, 2005

There's A First for Everything!

Well, big news for me. I've done TWO things I've never done in my whole entire life practically, and I wanted to share. (and no, you perverts, it's not that! That's already been done, my friends)...

1. I went to a real live cosmetic counter and asked for help! It was a rare move to admit my imperfections in a public venue, but the adorable little cosmetologist with purple eyeshadow, black liner, and blond hair with disturbingly brown roots put me immediately at ease, especially when I asked her if she went to cosmetology school.

"No, but I had to go to some Clinique classes."

Oh my.

So I came away with a rather subtle new look. Warm mink eyeshadow, black/brown eyeliner, 'candy pink' kid you not lipstick--and this is a first for me not to purchase my lipstick from Target, some super-duper lip balm for God knows what reason but I bought it anyway. And, hmmm. I guess that's it. Oh, and a lipliner in Bon Bon shade that makes me look like ... hmmm, maybe a drag queen? Because the damned 'long-lasting' lipstick that runs about $18 a tube don't last very long, but the liner does so I look like a God knows what.

Big shout of to Peggy for getting TWO free gifts at the makeup counter and graciously giving me one of them. And another shout out to GLOSS THIS Blog Gal for inspiring me to do something new with my lips. Stop, you dirty-minded readers you! LIPSTICK and LINER and GLOSS... OH MY!

2. I spent more than I should on some highlights and a new haircut. And amazingly, when I got home, Scott said, "Hey, you got some of those lighty things in your hair." He noticed, he noticed! And it's a good thing he noticed because at least now he'll know why the credit card bill at Zano's is so much higher this time around.


At 11:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol the Gloss This gal made me want to go buy more lip gloss as well...I am addicted to glossy stuff, and just had one of those Mary Kay make overs and went ahead and got the lipstick and gloss yesterday!!!
I am addicted to your blog!!! But you know that!

At 11:48 PM, Blogger Gloss This said...

All I can do is cheer you on. :) Seriously, a new lip gloss or lipstick can make me feel completly happy. Shallow, perhaps -- but happiness is a good thing.

Woooo! On the new hair. I am so behind on getting mine done. My highlights have grown way out so my dark blonde hair has taken over. Not horrid, but not good either. Which reminds me I need to make an appointment - for soon!

Blog on!

At 8:04 AM, Blogger Manic Mom said...

Gloss--I don't think you're shallow--a lipstick is a lot cheaper than a new Prada purse or some of those Manillo shoes (see, I don't even know what kind of shoes they are--if they don't sell 'em at Payless, I don't have 'em!). But a lipstick--if it makes you feel better... then YEP! How many glosses, sticks do you tote around in your purse at one time? I've been glossing it up a bit lately! And having a new color is making me feel like a new gal!

Charity--I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I want to make connections with other people that either share my same views or think I'm completely off the wall--or BOTH!


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